Wisdom Teeth

" Removal
" Do I need to have them out?
" As a general guideline, if you are in your 20's or younger and have impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth then you are usually better off having them removed. Often if one side causes trouble then the other side will too. Not what you want to hear! but removal when you are young is a much simpler procedure with alower complication rate and fast recovery.
" If you are 30 or above then things change, consideration of long term future of the teeth vs risks of surgery and other factors will be discussed with you. Cases are individual and having a comprehensive discussion during your consultation with Wayne is invaluable.
" Removal of wisdom teeth is an elective procedure. Take advantage of this by planning it into your year as you will need 7 - 10 days to recover. Working around Term times, Examinations, Holidays, Weddings, shifting house, overseas trips and busy times at work is possible. When stressful events are looming we are more prone to infections and grumbling wisdom teeth have an unwelcome habit of flaring up just before a major event and can be a disaster! Schedule a consultation early and plan ahead.
" Do I need to have all four wisdom teeth removed if only one is the problem?
" You will need a consultation and X-rays to determine how many wisdom teeth you have. In general most people are symmetrical so if one side is giving you problems then it's likely the other side will too. Often upper wisdom teeth are less likely to requirere moval.The risk of this can be reasonably well predicted from your X-rays.

" If you need more than one wisdom tooth removed then it is best to remove them all in one sitting.People have been surveyed on the different combinations of treatment; all who had all 4 wisdom teeth removed say they would do it again this way, those who had 1 or 2 removed and the other side removed at a later date all felt they would have rather had it done at one sitting. So I would recommend you have everything that needs to be done performed in one sitting.